Previous Seasons

Teen Ensemble:  Acceptance

May 2019

Mary Poppins

May 2018

Teen Ensemble: FIX

June 2018

J-Swizzle (and D-Man's) Epic Awesome Swaggy Broventure for Sweet Rhymes

July 2017

Alice In Wonderland

June 2017

Teen Ensemble: This Is Not A Drill

May-June 2017

Macbeth in the Basement

July 2016

James and the Giant Peach

June 2016

Teen Ensemble:  On the Verge

May-June 2016


July 2015


June 2015

Teen Ensemble: The Way It Is

May-June 2015

Peter Pan

June 2014

Teen Ensemble: (CHAIN)ge

May-June 2014


June 2013

Teen Ensemble: Respond

May-June 2013

Women and Wallace

February 2013

For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

February 2013


June 2012

Teen Ensemble:The Breaking Point

May-June 2012

Teen Ensemble: Places

May-June 2011

Teen Ensemble:  Windows

May-June 2010

Teen Ensemble:  Our Not-So-Secret-Life

May-June 2009



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